Saturday, April 18, 2009
Marrakech, Morocco
Wow, we are tired,,,, they are keeping us quite busy with meetings; rotary functions; visits to businesses and anything else that might come our way,,,,i knew i would be, but wow! we met up with a local club last night for dinner and they were a lot of fun,,,, everyone has been so nice and so welcoming,,,,i dont think i have met people who are more friendly anywhere else,,,,we did a little sightseeing yesterday and visited the souks,,,,that was a fun experience,,,,i also got to try fresh orange juice from the street, and that was great,,,,,a lot of men from the rotary clubs ask about our state dance, the pĂ´lka, because it is on our brochure,,,, i have told them they can learn it from me, haha,,,,,i wish i could share pics, but c est la vie! we have been here for one week and already it seems like a month, :) we love marrakech and are excited to see the other cities!
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