Goodbye Marrakesh, Hello Agadir!

Sunday, April 19, 2009
Agadir, Morocco
We just landed in the coastal town of Agadir, where we now have free wi-fi again! Yay!! It is a lovely city, but I want to share some pics from Marrakesh first.
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Hi, Jamie!
Hi, Jamie! So glad you are having a wonderful time and it is too cool that you are finding WIFI. Have a terrific week! Love, E


Re: Hi, Jamie!
Hey Elizabeth! Thanks for sharing - great to hear from you! I must admit that I do miss our work outs! :)



Wear sunblock!
Jamie, the weather has been terrific from the sounds of it. You're going to come back to WI with a tan. Agadir is on the Atlantic, so you must be getting lots of seafood dishes. I read somewhere that there is actually good surfing along the coast in that area, something you don't think about when you say 'Morocco'! You've gone south quite a distance, how much farther are you going, as the map doesn't show a whole lot further south. You're actually quite close to the Canary Islands, which are supposed to be great places to visit. The camel ride must have been a hoot BTW. Is it true that camels spit? So, seen any liberries yet?