Monday, April 20, 2009
Agadir, Morocco
After "linner" (late lunch, early dinner - early for Morocco time, that is), our Rotarian "Rafi" who has been with us since leaving Casa, took a walk with Katie and I (Sunday night). They have a boardwalk with shops and restaurants along the beach, and tons of people were out strolling, eating and people watching. We took pictures of the words on the old part of the city, that say "God, Country, King."  Agadir was completely destroyed by an earthquake in 1960, so much of the town has been rebuilt. It does have a modern feel to it, which I kind of like. As much as I like Marrakech and its traditional,older feel....this is also a nice change. Apparently the sun shines in Agadir for about 350 days of the year - wow! I could probably get used to that! In Marrakech, the buildings were all red colored, whereas here in Agadir, they are all white. 
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Sorry for the snow Felice! I'll send warm weather your way! :)