Things I've Noticed in Morocco

Monday, April 20, 2009
Agadir, Morocco
1)      You don't just "make an appearance" or "stop in" at a party or gathering in Morocco. You come in, get some food, get yourself a drink, sit down, eat more food, talk, get yourself another drink, talk to someone else, etc.
2)      "Lunch" is definitely not a mid-day thing. Most of our "lunches" have been after 2 pm, sometimes as late as 3 pm. "Dinner" sometimes won't start until 9:30 or 10 pm. The other night, it didn't start until 11 pm! (see video!)

3)      It is almost impossible to go a whole day without eating Moroccan mint tea or bread of some kind.
4)      The toilets have all been "western" style for the most part, which is nice.
5)      I've seen more interesting things on motorbikes/scooters (two men carrying a ladder, kids standing, kids sandwiched between people, 12-foot metal pipes, people wearing helmets with big cracks in them) in Morocco than I've seen anywhere else.
6)      I don't hear the calls to prayer as much as I thought I would. Sometimes we really have to listen or be in our quiet room. I wish I would hear them more often.
7)      There doesn't seem to be much of a middle class, which doesn't surprise me. We've seen some of the richest and we've seen some of the poorest. The ironic thing is seeing both bother me in different ways.
8)      I'm surprised at how people doing construction work or some kind of work where they should at the very least be wearing goggles, are not.
9)      Pictures of the King, Mohammed VI, are everywhere. I wonder what people actually think of him? Can you imagine pictures of Obama in every business?
10)   The women are not all anorexic-looking stick figures, so we feel like we fit in well. J
11)   I'm starting to assign "leer" scales to the cities we're in - that is, how much we get looked up and down. So far I'd say, on a scale from 1 - 10 (10 being leered at a lot):
Casablanca: 7
Marrakech: 5
Agadir: 9
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