Travel Day

Wednesday, April 22, 2009
El Jadida, Morocco
We are spending the night in El Jadida, as we need to be close to Casablanca tomorrow. Once we make our stop in Casablanca, we will head to Rabat, the capital.

Last night we had a nice meeting with the rotary club in Agadir, following by dinner . The people who took care of us there were so terrific - really great people, as it has been everywhere. I also taught the president how to "polka" as I had the beer barrel polka handy on my laptop.

Today we had lunch with the rotary club in Essaouira and walked around the area a bit. But much of the day was spent in the van, which would seem restful, but that's not always the case. It's hard to nap with the curvy roads and at times we were driving on bumpy road. We did stop and take pictures of goats in trees, which was pretty cool ! I know Katie really wanted to see that. We also stopped at a shop where argan oil and other products are sold. The oil has several benefits, including cosmetic, health, etc. I bought some soap and face cream that will hopefully prevent anti-aging, at least I hope. :)

I'm still looking like a lobster somewhat from the fishing in Agadir on Monday, but it is starting the fade.

Tomorrow we need to be up by 6:15 for breakfast, or for me, probably just some coffee, so I'm going to sign off soon. Au revoire and more from Rabat!
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