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Saturday, April 25, 2009
Tangier, Morocco
Today was mostly a travel day to Tangier, a port city near Spain. We also made a lunch and supermarket stop (I needed dental floss and toothpaste) in the small town of Kenitra.

Here are some photos from yesterday in Rabat (Friday) . In the morning we visited the National Library of Morocco and got a short tour. The interesting thing about this library is that it didn't look that different than modern libraries we have. Libraries are funded by the government, and people canc check out materials with a library card for free. They did not have a children's section, which I thought would be present. From what I understood, the section does not exist, because they don't have to right people to manage it. I told our tour guide, the chief of services, that I would send him pics of children's areas in our libraries. He said he would be glad to see him, so maybe a partnership could be developed at some point! :)

We also visited the Brodex company that does embroidery, as well as Dari, a company that makes couscous. Both were very interesting, and then we had a dinner and rotary meeting to end the day.

Leer factor in Rabat: 9.5 

Rafi asked me to not post any pics of our hotel, so I will respect his wishes. :)
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