Morocco: By the Numbers

Sunday, April 26, 2009
Tangier, Morocco
1) Times I got sunburn (in Agadir)
2) Cups of tea (at the minimum) I drink per day
3) T-shirts I have left after my white one never came back from laundry service at the Ibis in Casablanca
4) Pairs of pants that need to be washed
5) Pair of shoes I now have (4 from home, 1 new pair purchased in Marrakech)
6) Cities we have been to in two weeks
7) Blonds in Rabat (but one had a really bad dye job!)
8) New Facebook friends I've met!
9) Times a day I put sanitizer on my hands
10) Amount in dirhams for minimum wage in Morocco (about $1 .50).
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