Monday, April 27, 2009
Tangier, Morocco
This morning I went for a walk by myself. Working out is my "zen," and I haven't done enough of it. I had never walked alone before, but decided to do it anyway. I know for sure I looked like nothing close to a native, but I stayed along the main areas, and for the most part, I felt pretty safe.

I saw a lot of different things:
- kids walking to school with their backpacks
- small groups of men walking, some gawking ...some not
- women in their djellabas...some in groups, some alone
- men rummaging through garbage
- the typical stray cats and dogs
- travelers with their backpacks getting to their next destination
- men hanging out in doorways...saying "bonjour" or "good morning"
- men hanging out on the park benches along Mohammed V Avenue

I also wanted to share a video of a man we visited yesterday in the kasbah, making bread the old-fashioned way. You can view it on blip.tv.
Very cool ! We also did the souks and visited Hercules Cave.
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Re: experiencing it
Well....I really wanted to go for a walk more than anything. :)