Monday, April 27, 2009
Tetouan, Morocco
We took a small trip by car to the Mediterranean part of the country today (Tetouan) and ate lunch in the smaller city of Sebta. We also got to tour one of the ports of Tangier, which was pretty cool. The security was very tight, and I can't imagine random people off the street getting to do this.

The scenery on the way to and from Tangier was just amazing . We could see Spain on the drive, which made me both glad and sad. I've never been to Spain, and it's one place I've always wanted to visit. We are so close, but won't get to see it. But I guess that will give me an excuse to come back and maybe visit Spain and Morocco together?

We exchanged rotary flags tonight with the club in Tangier, and tomorrow we are going to see some of their projects before heading off to Meknes.

Rafi is still traveling with us. Today he sang his version of "happy birthday" for me in English during lunch. Jason sang along with him. It makes us all laugh when he does this. :)
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