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Saturday, May 02, 2009
Fes, Morocco
Things I Could Do Without: Eating lamb, sheep or pigeon for the next few out of my suitcase....tracking clean socks and underwear from city to city....washing socks and underwear in the sink....wearing an uncomfortable and dirty blazer for a month....eating bread at every meal....

Things I Will Miss: The people and their attitudes - everything is "no problem." And once you meet someone, you are immediately a "friend" and welcome in their home. It's almost surreal........the mint tea.....the fruit after the meals... our family here - the girls are very sweet. :)

Miscommunication: Yesterday was a bit disturbing to me. We were told no one was really "in charge" of us here and that we'd have to find taxis to and from the conference. Um...what? I think it has more to do with a communication breakdown than anything else. Di, Lori, Katie and I were going to hail a cab yesterday afternoon, and as we were walking around pretty clueless, Fettah's children pulled up in their vehicle and drove us to our host homes. That was very nice of them!

Di has talked to governor Fettah about being us being uncomfortable with just "hailing a taxi" from place to place, so he's going to help us with transportation. Everyone has taken such good care of us, that this came as a surprise I guess. I can hail a cab if I need to, but I just don't think it should have to come to that. I also wonder if that is something other GSE teams have had to do? I hope not. We also don't know at this point how we're getting back to Casablanca.

"Go with the Flow." - Many of our days have been very loose or we wake up not knowing where we are going or only having a general idea of what will be going on. At first, I kind of liked the "adventure" in this, but now it's starting to get to get to me. I know at times I like things planned too much in advance, and it's part of my neurotic personality, but now I'm thinking this isn't just me. Is it too much to ask to not have a general idea of a day's events or to want to know how we should dress for something (nice or casual, blazers or no blazers)? So....maybe it's not just me and my "type A" thing after all.

Au revoire for now!
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Hitting the wall but push through it!
Hey, Jamie, This is the exact point when I hit the wall when I spent four weeks in Australia. You are tired and away from home and sad, too, that the trip is nearing its end. There is actually a scientific term for this depressed time during the course of a journey. And it usually happens three quarters through any journey! I don't know if this helps. But I totally know how it feels. So pick yourself up and dust yourself off and mentally prepare yourself for the wonderful remaining days ahead, okay? Remember, you are still experiencing the trip of a LIFETIME! On the home front we are having the most gorgeous day and when you get home you will be greeted with buds and blossoms and greenery. It is really starting to perk up around here! I went to kickboxing this morning and the instructor was pregnant but kicked our butts. I feel great! I look forward to working out with you again in June. Take care and best wishes for the rest of your time away. Much love,