Monday, May 04, 2009
Fes, Morocco
The Rotary district conference was a ton of fun on Saturday evening! We ate, danced and took pics at the dinner gala,,,,,also met some nice people,,,I will post some photos when i am able to,,,

I also enjoyed meeting and staying with our family for three days,,, they were very sweet and Im glad I got that opportunity! The two little gals, Layla and Selma were absolutely adorable,,,

Fes has been interesting,,,The team members and I are now staying in a guest house close to the medina; I cant even say exactly where it is or who they are, but they seem very nice,,,,I guess katie and i are heading to a hammam this afternoon, so that should be pretty interesting! They are public baths,,,,i need to read up on some proper etiquette before going there!

Tomorrow we should be heading back to Casablanca, but at one point we thought we were heading back there yesterday, so we are not sure,,,,,I feel ok about being in Fes, but we officially are without our guide, for reasons that would take a long time at an internet cafe to explain,,,,In a nut shell, there are a lot of rotary politics involved here and we are stuck in the middle,,,,at least that is how I see it,,,it is unfortunate because we have done some great things here and we want things to end on a good note,,,we qlso want to accomplish the things we set out to accomplish,,, so our first goal is to get back to casablanca safely and then try to end our time in maroc in a positive way,,,,Casa is where this journey began and where it will end!

au revoire for now!
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