Wednesday, May 06, 2009
Casablanca, Morocco
If I never eat another lamb tagine for the next couple of years, I will not be sad.

If I ever complain about a good flushing, western-style toilet, or take toilet paper, shower curtains or garbage cans for granted, punch me in the nose.

If you see me when I get back and give you the kiss-kiss, don't think I'm weird.

If I visit your home or business and expect to be served mint tea and those delicious almond cookies, I will still graciously accept water or soda.

If I ever say that I don't have enough money, clothes or shelter, tell me that compared to most Moroccans, I have way more than I need.

If I call a person my friend and invite them in my home shortly after meeting him/her, I'm not acting desperate or "wanting" something - I'm just being kind.

If I start singing in the middle of a meal, just go with it.

If I talk about missing Morocco, tell me to come back and visit the great people I've met.

If I get mad at my dog Kelly, for shedding too much hair, or urinating on the rug, or throwing up....remind me how much I miss her when I'm away from her for a month.

If I speak unkindly about Wisconsin's snow, cold, conservativeness (at times) and lack of ______ (insert numerous things), assure me there is still "no place like home."

If I ever complain about living in a culture where men are more dominant, remind me I fortunate to live in the one that I do.

If I moan and groan about my job, tell me that at least I have one that I really like and that as a woman with an education, I will always have options.

If patrons at home have issues with their public libraries, tell them they have no idea how great they really have it.

If one more male makes hissing, kissing or weird noises at me as I write this blog on a street bench near my hotel, I will have to stop writing and go take a nap.

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