Bests, Leasts, Favorites and Regrets

Friday, May 08, 2009
Casablanca, Morocco
Favorite city: Agadir: I love the water and the boardwalk, as well as the not-as-many people.

Cities I wanted to spend more time in: Meknes (2 nights) and El Jadida (1 night)

Favorite food: bastilla (with chicken or fish)

Food I don't regret trying: camel

Least favorite food: brain

Food I started to get tired of: lamb tagine

Things I regret not doing: taking better notes about what we did, taking more photos

Favorite Rotary visit: water project in Casa, schools in Agadir, orphanage in Tangier

Things I packed and didn't use: work out clothes (no time!), scarf (too hot), sweater, jacket, calculator

Things I wish I had packed: extra shirt, light pants, small towel, washcloth, slippers (for icky hotel)

Favorite purchases: gifts, argan oil, painting from gallery (in Tangier), Italian bracelet (from Essaouira), magnets, wooden spoons

Favorite fact about Morocco: Education at public universities is free

Best hotel laundry service: Ibis (Casablanca)

Best hotel overall: Hotel Charf in Tangier (laundry service, good restaurant, charm, wi-fi in lobby, clean rooms)

Things I learned about rotary: their good work and generosity, their people and kindness, their politics (probably unavoidable and common as in any organization)

Things I love about Moroccans: their friendliness and warmth, as well as their love and appreciation for good food; loyalty to family and friends

Things I learned about speaking Arabic and French: French is easier to pick up (oui!)

Things my waistline will not miss: bread at EVERY meal; the almond cookies

Things my waistline will miss: the fruit after every meal

Things I now know: living out of a suitcase is not my thing, I will visit Morocco again, I will be more appreciative of what I have, I will be a better and kinder person when I see people in need or travelers needing assistance, I will know where I'm going before I get into a taxi

Things I will miss the most: the people, the scenery, the ocean, being with my team and working together to make our way through this country

Things I developed a greater appreciation for: my family, my friends, my dog, my job, my life

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