Low Key & Lazy Day

Monday, September 01, 2014
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Today I decided to chill a bit more because yesterday was pretty full of activity. I got up around 8:30, threw on my Nike capris and took a walk toward Commercial Drive for coffee. I thought I would find a non-Starbucks place, but I ended up there anyway because even if they are everywhere, it's a solid product. And, I got to sample a free pumpkin spice latte. (Oops, I mean a PSL for you diehard fans). Score!

I went back to the house to eat the fruit that I bought at the market yesterday . The last two days I have spent a decent amount on dining out, so I want to be better about spending money on food the next two days. I don't mind putting the majority of my funds toward that, because I'm not a big sightseeing spender, but I still want to tone it down a bit. I spoke to Mai, the owner of the house, and told her everything I have done so far. She is a tiny and cute Vietnamese lady who works really hard to keep her home in tip-top shape. She runs this place like a hotel. She asked surprisingly, "this is your first time here?" Yes, I said, blushing a bit. :)

It was nice taking my time this morning, and because I did so much yesterday i felt like I didn't have to rush out the door. At around noon, I grabbed the 22 bus and headed toward Kitsilano, home to Kits Beach. I am feeling like the 22 route is like the yellow brick road of Vancouver. Not that I mind, because it's very convenient for me.

I grabbed three sushi rolls at Kits Sushi for $8.25. This would've been at least $15 at home. I still can't get over how cheap it is. I walked along Kits Beach and watched some volleyball games. It also seemed like a great social area.

Around 4:30, I went back downtown to pick up my rental car at Avis. Renting a car in Canada is not cheap, but I had a $100 Avis coupon from credit card points (that did not work in Iceland), so that should cover it for a day . I'm excited to be able to get out of the city tomorrow and visit some outlying areas.

For dinner, I drove to an Afghani place called 'The Afghan Horsemen" on Granville Island. The place was decorated with curtains and fun lights that reminded me of ones I saw in Morocco. I had hot tea, aush (soup), mantu (beef dumplings) and Afghani naan to dip it all in. I thought it was fantastic. Then again, I don't have anything to compare it. I'm still glad I went and even more than that I had a car to get there. I was also grateful for the Garmin, as there was no way I would have found that place on my own without a) getting lost b) swearing a lot.

Tomorrow is my last full day here. I'll need to make the most of it.

Thanks for reading!