It's a Rainy Day

Tuesday, September 02, 2014
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
This morning I got up early so I could drive to Lynn Canyon Park. LCP has a suspension bridge and is the smaller (50 meters), cheaper version to the Capilano Bridge. CB is longer and higher (70 meters) but also had a $35.95 price tag. LCP is free to enter and has free parking. Score!

It was a rainy morning, and my Garmin had a bit of an issue getting directions . After leading me to an ecology forest thing, I found the park. Because it was 7:45 am on a rainy Tuesday, I was the only one on the bridge and there was one person running one of the trails. The bridge was high enough for me, and being wet added enough more adventure in crossing it. The pools and waterfalls were absolutely stunning. On a warm, sunny morning I would've swam, but it wasn't necessary on a day like today. I really enjoyed it there.

I went back home to change my clothes and shower, as the rain and sweat made me look like a drowned rat. I set out to Steveston Village near the suburb of Richmond. My favorite show, Once Upon a Time, uses Steveston's Moncton Street to film the fictional town of Storybrooke, Maine. I stopped first at the Candy Dish because they have a brochure with the shops that are transformed. It costs $2, but the money raised goes toward the local food pantry. This shop also sells a fudge called Snow White, that I of course had to buy. The lady there said they filmed a few weeks ago and they usually don't know of it until the day before. It takes the crew a whole day to change the signage of the storefronts. She also said the cast and crew are really great.

I took some photos of some other shops after I ate lunch at the Cannery Cafe (Granny's Diner on the show ) and then went back home. The rain just wouldn't stop and the traffic was pretty horrendous, so I took the car back a few hours early . I had to fill up the gas tank and had to he schooled on the pre-pay gas thing. The attendant was nice as I tried to convert liters to gallons in my head. Now that I have a calculator handy, I figured gas is around $5.70 a gallon here.

After dropping off my $75 rental car (also pricey), I took the 22 bus for the last time back to the house. It was very crowded and not as comfortable as the last few days. With the rain still coming down, I didn't feel like heading out for dinner, but I caved and walked to Commercial Drive (15 mins) and had Nepali cuisine at Cafe Kathmandu. It's Vancouver's first Nepali restaurant, opening in 2006. I had the kukhuraako maasu, a boneless chicken curry with garlic and onion. Before that I tried the aaloo achaar, a chilled potato salad flavored with timmur (Himalayan pepprcorns).

My train leaves early tomorrow, so I spent the evening packing my stuff and getting organized. I will write some final thoughts on Vancouver tomorrow.

Thanks, as always, for reading! 
- Jamie 



looks like a terrific day despite the rainy conditions. The car rental definitely was worth it for that gorgeous scenery! Loved all the pics.


It was, as I had a gift certificate from Avis that covered it. :)