Take Off

Thursday, January 29, 2015
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Today is the day!

Three hours until take off. But I should be at the gate around 8:30.
The international flights always seem to take longer to board. I'm
having some wine and eating some hummus. Soon I will change into my
comfy pants and and head toward the gate. I hope I sleep a bit. Flight
time is 10 hours to Istanbul and then another hour to Bucharest after a
three-hour layover. Hope all goes well en route. Hopefully the next time
I write I will be in Bucharest!

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Scott Bader

I guess we're not having coffee this Saturday. :) Have a great trip!

aunt sandy

and she is off once again....allowing me to vicariously travel along through her pictures etc!...so fun... have a great flight and enjoy...I anxiously await the pictures and travel news from ???? be safe and take care..love ya!