Travel Thoughts En Route to Bucharest

Friday, January 30, 2015
Bucharest, Romania
Friday, Jan. 30:

6:18 am CT/2:18 pm plane time
I've been on this plane just over 8 hours, which means under 2 hours is left . According to the map, we are passing over Italy and heading over the Adriatic Sea. I did sleep after dinner a bit (which was good for airline food!), and now I am feeling a bit uncomfortable. The air is dry and stuffy. I feel cramped and want off this plane. 

9:59 am CT/5:59 pm in Istanbul:
In Istanbul. Airport is ok, but busy, and I would not want to be stuck here. The staff do seem a little rude. IT's modern and clean, but the wi-fi is not free or seems to be working. I can't post any updates or check email. I guess that won't kill me. Lots of little kids fussing and crying. I met a nice woman on the plane who sat next to me. Her name is Swati and she lives in Chicago. She was heading to India. If all goes as planned, the flight to Bucharest should leave around 7:30 pm.

It's dark outside, and it feels like morning to me. I think I will be tired enough when I get to Bucharest. I hope I will

7:06 pm:
Boarding the flight to Bucharest and I'm seeing lots of Romanian/Eastern European-looking people. Some look a little stern. I feel like I will stand out in Romania, but probably no worse than I did in Colombia.  

10:35 pm: 
The flight was good (we even got a nice, little meal), and my bag made it. I was getting nervous because it took awhile, but then it showed. Going through customs was very quick and painless. No forms to fill out or major questions. Like, hey...come on in! Now I'm on the 780 bus from the airport which makes a stop at the Gara de Nord train station. Then I have to take a quick taxi to my homestay. Bus ticket was 8 lei and taxi was 5, which totals around $3.50 for both. Not too shabby! Ran into some nice Romanians on the bus. Everyone seems pleasant so far.  

I was kind of hoping that Nadia would welcome us at the airport with a double back flip, until I remembered she defected from here like 25 years ago. Oh well. 

11:51 pm: 
At my homestay, settled in and posting photos. Checking some emails. Simona and her daughter Clara are adorable. Only $20 through airbnb, which I think is very reasonable. Basically want a place to sleep and shower. Tomorrow I leave early to Brasov. Should get some sleep! 

- Jamie 



I'm finally checking your posts-- looks fun! :-)