The Lux Bus

Friday, September 11, 2015
Tallinn, Estonia
I woke up around 8 and decided to find the bus station, because I could picture myself not being able to find it and running around with my luggage in a panic, and that didn't sound like fun. It just so happens that my stop last night, 'autoosta,' was the main bus stop and the international terminal. Then I noticed on my bus ticket that I printed before I left that is said platform 4. I confirmed this with the Lux Express agent and was good. It just so happens that the station is near the city market, which is one of the largest bazaars in Europe. I was able to take a walk through but did not want to buy too much. 
I walked back to my hotel to eat my free breakfast, shower and pack . Because my bus didn't leave until 12:30, I had a solid 2 hours to walk around the old town. Let's just say this breakfast was not up to par with Glockengasse. I had some watermelon and called it a day. I headed out with my handy map and walked toward the Old Town. I have to say that Riga is lovely. I can see why it's called the 'Paris of the North.' The streets were cobbled and windy with nicely restored buildings. Everytime I turned there was a church or a neat building. Yet, it felt easy to get around and very safe. Flowers were everywhere. 
I grabbed my bag at the hotel, checked out and walked to the bus station. Riga's major intersections have tunnels, so it can get confusing if you aren't familiar with street names. I waited for the bus outside and grabbed something that looked like a Latvian version of a corn dog, only it tasted better. The Lux Express bus was great! Plenty of room, free wi-fi, unlimited hot drinks. It's first class compared to Greyhound. The woman I sat next to was from England, and she and her husband are traveling the Baltic states . She really enjoyed Vilnius in Lithuania, so that is something to keep in mind. 
When we crossed the Latvia-Estonia border, again, no passport check. I'm a bit confused. Well, the bus driver did glance at my passport as I got on the bus, but I feel like I could've showed him my Zesty's Custard punch card and that would've been good enough. 
We arrived at the Tallinn bus station a little after 5, and one of the smartest things I did was book a taxi when I booked my bus ticket. I didn't have to haggle or find the public bus stop or run around. It was great and definitely worth the 6.50. 
I settled into my room at the Economy Hotel. It's very cute and has hardwood floors. It was a great bargain and just outside the Old Town. I don't mind paying a little less and being not in the center of things. 
I had read about this restaurant called Rataskaevu 16 (rat-ess-kev-you), and when I emailed them a week ago about making a reservation, the only time they could get me in over 3 nights was at 7 pm tonight. I can't say enough good things about it. Superior food quality, taste and service. My waitress, Laura, was so sweet and welcoming. It was probably one of the best restaurants I've ever been to at the price in which I paid for what I ate. It was all so reasonable that I couldn't even believe it. 
Tomorrow will be a full day of walking and checking out some sights. I might try and go to an Estonian sauna. There is one not too far from the hotel that I believe the locals attend, because it doesn't look fancy. I usually find those to be the best places. 

Thanks for reading. 
Head ööd (Good night),