Tourists in Tallinn

Sunday, September 13, 2015
Tallinn, Estonia
Did a lot of sightseeing yesterday. Tallinn's Old Town is one of the best I've seen in Europe. Very well preserved and laid out. They also did a nice job of restoring some of the buildings. I did that for about 6 hours before resting for a bit. I'm not sure if it's jet lag or just all the walking around, but some days I just need it, if anything to regroup. 
Tallinn's only downfall is the amount of tourists . It's probably the end of 'tourist season' and word is or has been catching on that this is a pretty great city. Apparently 15,000-20,000 come every day just via ferries or cruise ships. Maybe tomorrow it will quiet down. I did notice if I ventured off the tourist path that there weren't as many people. 
Dinner was wonderful again, this time more traditional Estonian. This morning I will go to church and get a massage at a spa and try to find a place that broadcasts Packers games. Go, Pack Go! 
Thanks for reading.-Jamie