Relaxing Sunday

Sunday, September 13, 2015
Tallinn, Harju maakond, Estonia
My goal for today was to have a relaxing day. I did all of my sightseeing yesterday, so I wanted today to be leisurely and not crazy.

I went to mass at St Peter and St Paul Cathedral, which is more new for a church in Tallinn . It was very lovely inside, with cream pews and vaulted ceilings. The choir and music was really nice, and the mass was done in Polish. I could've went to the English mass last night, but that wouldn't have been as interesting. One thing I enjoy about Catholic mass is that it doesn't matter whether it's in English, Polish, Spanish, Hungarian or pig Latin. You know the gist of what is going on and you can follow along. Always!

I went to the Master's Garden to get a cup of coffee after mass. This is a nice little alcove area that has some cute shops, but on Saturday it was crowded. An Irish woman I ran into yesterday told me service was spotty here. Then again, being from Ireland where a bank robber is your BFF, I took that comment with a grain of salt.

My first bout of snark today came with the waitress when I ordered a cappuccino and added 'with milk.' Ok, I know they come with milk. Not sure if I was thinking I said coffee, because when you order a coffee and want milk, you have to say it. Snark Lady said, 'yes, cappuccinos come with milk.' Really? Wow. Ok, then. No tip for you! Not even 10%. My cappuccino (with implied milk) was fine, and it was nice to sit outside in solitude.

I stopped at the tourist office to see if they knew of any pubs showing NFL games. I knew it was a long shot, but I thought I would check . The woman told me of a place that might and said it was on Pikk street, which i walk on every day. I asked where specifically, and she said, 'well just walk and you will find it.' Yes, I know I can walk and find it. You also have a computer in front of you, and I'm a tourist asking for help. Ugh!

At 3:30 I had a massage booked at a water park, but was able to use the sauna areas as well beforehand. I went to Kalev and they told me to go downstairs to the wellness center. Well, that lady told me to pay and get a wristband upstairs. I went back upstairs and they looked at me like I was an idiot. I don't know if it was my previous acts of rudeness or what, but I almost left and was getting frustrated. Finally, the woman started being somewhat helpful and got me squared away.

Sidebar: I will be respectful in your country and do my very best to not be an 'ugly American.' But there is only so much rudeness even I will take. Sometimes I think it's ok to push back a bit, if you are not being treated kindly. And that goes for any country, and any place.

I got changed and found the water park. I visited the steam room, the pearl bath, the lavender path, the shower pool and the sauna. Because it was all co-Ed, we had to keep our suits on. But the women's changing room had two saunas and a cold water pool that had a sign with a swimsuit with a big X in it, so when in Rome...or Tallinn I should say.

After I had had enough of sweating profusely, I changed and went to the Wellness center to wait for my massage. It was exactly what I needed and I was also given a free smoothie as part of my package. So, the spa ended up being fine, once I let go of my frustration and just relaxed.

I decided to have dinner at Pegasus, which I had also read about for being good. I saw my friend Laura, the waitress from Friday, hosting. The service and food here were excellent. Decided to go with a vegetarian dish as I was getting tired of beef.

My mom is keeping me up to date on the Packers game and said they aren't playing too well. I still wore my Packers shirt with pride today! I noticed walking around tonight that there are fewer tourists. So if you ever decide to come to Tallinn, try to not visit on the weekend. :)

Tomorrow I will fly to Istanbul and spend the night. Home on Tuesday. Can't believe it's almost done.

Thanks for reading,

PS. Packers win! :)