Almost Done

Thursday, March 10, 2016
Paris, Île-de-France, France
Today is our last full day of our trip. After waking up around 7:30 am, I walked to the supermarket and local bakery for some breakfast items. I went with sliced gouda, some meat, olives and orange juice, and stopped at the bakery for the croissants and of course, the lemon tarts. We took our time packing and loading up the car and got on the road around 11 am to Paris. I booked an airport hotel for tonight, as I thought it would be good to be close to the airport with our 7:30 am flight. Today was cloudy, but not rainy. Yesterday was definitely the worst day we had in terms of weather. 

The drive back to Charles de Gaulle airport was pretty painless, as that was where we had to drop off the rental car . Once we dumped the car, we took the airport shuttle to Terminal 1 and hopped outside to our Ibis. Once we were settled in, we decided to take the RER blue line to Paris central and get off on the Eiffel Tower stop. We figured if we were going to get pictures of anything during our limited time here, it would have to be this. We walked around, took some photos and bought some tacky souvenirs. Tons of people around this area were peddling selfie sticks. It got a little annoying, but we just ignored them. We also noticed some "military" in this area. I put this in quotes because while I understand that Paris is beefing up security, if you really want to make me feel secure, 1) have more than three men 2) ditch the berets 3) add some weight to your 150-pound frames and 4) get some weapons that don't look like something Fisher Price would make for a six-year-old. Just my advice.

We wanted dinner in Paris to use up some of our Euros, and found a cute bistro a little bit away from the touristy area . We went all out, and each got our own dessert instead of sharing. Once we walked out of the restaurant, it was dark and the Tower was lit up. I saw it in 2001, but never at night. I have to admit, this was pretty awesome. It kind of puts it to shame during the day time. 

Now, it's just a matter of finishing up some packing and setting our alarm for tomorrow. If all goes well and Turkish airlines doesn't majorly stink it up, we should all be home by tomorrow evening. I can't believe the trip is almost coming to an end. It feels like a month ago that we were in Amsterdam, yet it wasn't even a week ago. Being back will be nice, but also feel weird. There is always a bit of culture shock when returning home.

Thanks again for reading.


Darlene Kientop

Thank you for a wonderful journey. Safe travels home.

Gail Kestly

Thoroughly enjoyed reading about your trip. Pat B. sent us the link. What a wonderful experience for all of you. We really like Bernie's new hat.


Thank you! We are still taking it all in and had such a wonderful time !