Here Is My Clever Title

Friday, October 07, 2016
Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States
You might be laughing at the title. The reason I am being a little sarcastic is that when drafting a post, it says under Entry Title, "come on, you can think of a clever title."

But I guess after this being my 10th blog on this site, maybe I'm tired of seeing this, or maybe I'm running out of clever titles? :)

You would also think that by now I would have some master packing list saved somewhere, because it's not like this is the first overseas trip I have taken, nor will it be the last. Why does packing not get easier? Is it the decisions of what to bring? The ankle boots or the the knee-length boots? My Keen waterproof tennies or a cheaper pair that I can ditch on the way home? Some short-sleeve tops knowing that I get warm easily or some longer ones looking at the temperatures? I have written about my dislike for packing in other blog posts, and that hasn't improved.

It also doesn't help that Bailey-dog watched me pack. The red suitcase has been on the kitchen table for 3 days. She watches and she knows something is coming up. Is today the day? Where will I go? Is someone picking me up? When are you leaving?  

What isn't usual is that I actually have some blank spots in my usual very detailed itinerary, For Maribor, Slovenia, I have, "Ask Gregor (my B&B host) about possible excursions." WHAT!?! I don't have a plan on this day? I'm going to wait and see how I feel and what I feel like doing? I also only have one dinner reservation made, which is rare. I have some ideas of places I could go, but nothing is for sure. Of course, my rooms are booked, as well as transport to each city and how I will get to my hotel/pension. I don't think that can ever be overlooked when traveling solo and for a limited amount time. But, a lot of days I am going to just see what I feel like doing. If I feel like sleeping in until 9 am (shock!), I might just do that. And, I know, I can sleep in anytime and anywhere. I can hear people saying, "you're not in Croatia every day, Jamie, why would you sleep in?" To which I would say, "You're right, and I don't get the opportunity every day to sleep in IN CROATIA, so I want to see what that is like," HA! 

Where is this coming from? Is it from turning 40? Maybe. Or maybe now I feel more comfortable traveling alone that I can be a little more loose in my plans. Maybe I have realized that the best trip experiences aren't going-going-doing-going 24/7, but having some down time? Observing? Dare I say, RELAXING? After all, it is my vacation. :)

Take off is tomorrow. 
Thanks for coming along.


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Joe F

the older i get and the more i travel, i realize it's all about the balance between thorough research and detailed planning AND spontaneity. have a great trip friend!


Thank you, dear Joe !