Spa & Concert Day

Tuesday, October 18, 2016
Salzburg, Austrian Alps, Austria
This morning I went to a spa in the town of Berchtesgaden, Germany. It's called Watzman Therme, and it took about 35 minutes via the 840 Bus, not from a stop where I'm staying. Sandra pointed it out to me yesterday and gave me the times it left. I left on the 10:28 bus and arrived at about 11:05. I could not understand the automated German voice for the bus stops, so of course I missed it and got off the bus at the train station instead. I knew I could probably find it by walking, but it was raining, and I wasn't in a mood to play  'guess where the spa is,' so I caved and took a taxi. Honestly, best 7 euro i could've spent ! 
I arrived at the spa and purchased a 2-hour pass, because I knew that would be enough for me . First of all, the ride to the town was beautiful, even though it was cloudy and rainy. Like I said, I don't know how people who live here can ever be unhappy. Of course, I had to figure out the wristband locker thing, but when I struggled, the woman next to me showed me. These things always stump me. I changed in a changing room next to the co-ed lockers, and made my way upstairs to the spa area. It had several warm pools, an outdoor pool, a salt steam room and aromatherapy rooms where you sat on heated benches. Those were probably my favorite. There was also a kids area with a water slide, and I have to admit, I went down twice. I just couldn't resist. 

I didn't have to worry that I would be the most unattractive person at the spa. There were plenty of middle-aged men in speedos that were way too small. I will never understand why men feel the need to wear these in public. 
I tried to buy a small pretzel and a water but realized I needed 'money' on the watch band thing, and they didn't take cash . The man explained i would have to go back to where I came in and put cash on my account. Or, at least this is what I think he said. He could've said, 'twirl around 5 times and click your feet,' for all I know. I do know I was NOT going to go back in the reception area to put some money on my watch for a measly water and overpriced waterpark pretzel. So, I walked away. Yes, I left my tray there after I put back the water. I admit, that was somewhat of an 'Ugly American' moment, and I try to limit them on my trips. I just wasn't going to pay for a pretzel and water that I couldn't pay for anyway. And how would I have known I couldn't use cash? I didn't think to ask at the front desk, and it wasn't pointed out to me. It would be like someone from Germany attending Bay Beach and trying to pay cash to get on the Zippin Pippin. :) In any case, these are good reminders for us to try to be nice and understanding to visitors. Traveling is always a learning experience. I know it is for me.
I left the spa, took some photos of the town and scenery, and headed to Braustuberl, a cute little beer house . I ordered Wiener schnitzel from the kids menu, because I wasn't super hungry, but I was thirsty. It was a great beer hall with dark wooden ceilings and strong, big tables. 
I thought the bus back to Salzburg left at every :20 and :50 past the hour, and usually it does, except it doesn't in the afternoon. So I had about an hour to kill before the next bus left. I walked around the town a bit, and it only got more scenic. It has about 7,000 people. There definitely weren't as many tourists, because it's the low season. Sandra told me in summer it is crazy, and I believe it. I can can see Austrians flocking there. 
I returned to Salzburg and rested a bit before heading to a concert at the University Mozarteum. I was scheduled to see a string trio, but that was canceled due to illness of one of the performers. I asked if there was something else, and the ticket office recommended 'Ildiko Raimondi and Leopoldo Hager,' a pianist and a singer. I read that a lot of people who live here go to these types of concerts, but many tourists go to the Mozart dinner/concert things . That would've been cool, but it also would've been triple the price. I just figured I should experience a musical event in Salzburg. It is Mozart's birthplace, after all. 
The concert was great, even though all the lyrics were in German. I really liked watching the piano playing. After, I went to a touristy Italian place in the City Center because it was still open, and I was hungry. Sometimes that is all it takes, and it was decent enough. 
Tomorrow I will take a short flight to Cologne and then a train to Venlo, Netherlands. I'm thinking of doing a day trip when I'm there, maybe to Maastricht, which is supposed to be a nice town. 
Thanks for reading !