Final Stop

Saturday, October 22, 2016
Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark
The final stop on this journey is Copenhagen, Denmark. After getting a lift to Dusseldorf, I had a short, one-way flight to Copenhagen. From there, I took the metro to a stop toward the city center and walked about 10 minutes to my stay with Charlotte on airbnb. It was easy enough to find, and then I walked around the Nyhavn area (17th century waterfront district with tons of restaurants) and had dinner. 

Her location really couldn't be more perfect . It's close and walkable to the major sites. Copenhagen is quite and peaceful. It's a huge city, and being in Denmark is hard on the pocketbook. Danes are some of the most heavily taxed in the world, but they are often called the most happiest. They value quality of life, education and things in small doses. I read in Rick Steves' "Travel As a Political Act" that Danes won't sit at a bar and slam cheap beer after cheap beer. Because they are pricey, they sip and appreciate one or two. They take advantage of those moments.  

Case in point: my small order of frites at McDonald's, plus the frite sauce, were $3.40. No value menu there! People are very friendly. I was asked if I needed help when I left the metro station, which I think are easy places to get turned around. The restaurant servers are also super friendly. It's like night and day compared to Bulgaria. 

Because Brussels Airlines changed my flight from returning Tuesday to Monday, I will lose an entire day here. So, tomorrow, I have to give it my all. I'm not going to go super crazy. I know I can only do so much, and I want to enjoy the last day of my trip instead of running from place to place. I think I have said this before, and I stole it from someone else. If you try to see everything, you won't see ANYTHING. I think that is so true. 

I'm sure I will have more pictures tomorrow!