So Long

Monday, October 24, 2016
Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark
On Sunday morning I woke up around 8 am and 'showered.' You will see what I mean later. Charlotte had to take her son to the doctor last night, and she said this morning he has mono, so I tried to be quiet. I went to Cafe Sommersko for breakfast and once again was a bit shocked at the prices. But, oh well ! 
I wanted my last day of vacation to not be crazy and running all over the place . When I look at the map of this blog, I realize I have been moving a lot. How I didn't manage to get sick or a cold, to lose anything of importance or get delayed is a miracle in itself. I'm really fortunate that way. I have had some good down time, but also have been on the go. With that said, I didn't want my last day on this trip to feel frazzled. I would see what I could and move at a good pace. 
I went to the Rosenborg Castle, and it was nice because it wasn't very busy. It was built for Christian IV as a 'pleasure palace' back in the 1600s. Eventually it stopped being used at all, but some of the rooms were incredible, especially the Great Hall. The King's Gardens surrounding it were even more nice. 
I decided when I came across Nyhavn to take a canal tour, which lasted 55 minutes. I saw the mermaid, the Church of Frederick, (dome is largest in Scandinavia), the Opera House, the Christianhavn Kanal. It was a nice overview of Copenhagen from the water. I did some shopping, took a rest, and then met some friends that I met in Door County this summer who live here. We went to "Paper Island,' a big warehouse that has a ton of international street food. It's a funky place, and unfortunately they are tearing it down in a week to build apartments. Sad! Still, it was a very nice way to end my trip. 
Now it's Monday morning, and I'm heading home. I got up at 4, walked to the metro station and took the M2 to the airport. I will send news when I arrive home. 
Thanks for reading,