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Sunday, November 13, 2016
Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States
It's been three weeks since I returned home. It was a little crazy, as I had about 12 hours at home before heading to work, and then heading to Milwaukee for two nights for a conference. I also had the pleasant surprise of my refrigerator not working upon entering my home. Luckily, I only had condiments in the frig as I emptied it out before traveling, and only a few things in my freezer. The mess was minimal, the smell not as much, but some vinegar took care of that. I decided to just buy a new one, as having someone look at it and possibly repair it would be money better spent toward a new one. I bought it with the house, so it was at least 10 years old. I got my money's worth from it. 

Between work and heading to my conference, I went to a local electronics store and picked out a new frig in less than 20 minutes . I was still in my "don't mess with me" travel state, so it was easy. 

I picked up Bailey the day I returned from the conference, and she was pretty happy to see me. I also felt the same way. I really miss her when I'm gone. 

With my new fridge in tow, I have been occupied with catching up with work, life and the thousands of leaves that invade every fall. I can also start thinking about the next trip, which will be...GERMANY! 

I will be heading back with my dad for 8 days, flying in and out of Frankfurt. He was bummed that we didn't get there on the last trip, but knows there is always so much to see. I'm in the beginning of planning and trying to figure out if what we want to do is feasible. I think anything is feasible, but it's necessary to pace yourself. 

Thanks again, for reading. 
See you in March!
- Jamie


L Jarock

Glad to see you are really enjoying life. You always were a positive thinker. Nice of you to have your retired dad travel along.


Hey Mr. Jarock! Yes, I am very much enjoying life. This will be Dad's second trip, and Mom was the one who got the ball rolling. I had to do a little convincing. :) I hope you are well !