Ending in Koblenz

Thursday, April 06, 2017
Koblenz, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Because we are flying out of Frankfurt tomorrow, I wanted to get a little closer to the airport, as well as have an easy connection tomorrow morning. So, after having a nice breakfast at the hotel in Trier and meeting a lovely server named Manuela, we hiked to the station and took the 11:32 a.m. train direct to Koblenz. 

Once we arrived, we walked to our Ibis and checked in . I also decided to use the business center to check in for our flights in the business center and print our boarding passes. 
Koblenz is a town of 109,000 and situated where two rivers, the Moselle and the Rhine, meet. The meeting point is called Deutsches Eck, or "German Corner." Here, is there is also a huge monument dedicated to Emperor William I, who helped reunite Germany. The whole area was very impressive. We would have liked to take the cable car up to the fortress, but it wasn't running. The original monument was damaged a bit during the war, so it has been rebuilt, although it still looks fairly old. 

We also went inside St Kastor Church, a huge basilica, built hundreds of years ago. It's the oldest church in Koblenz, and we just happened to come about it. 

Koblenz doesn't feel as touristy. It could be the time of year, or just that it's not like a Heidelberg or Munich. I think Munich is always nuts with people, like Paris. There were hardly any people at the Corner, so Dad didn't even have to fight to get a decent photo of us. After some walking around, we had dinner at a nearby Mediterranean place, as we were all a little tired of German fare of pork, pork, sausage with pork, sauer kraut and more pork. It was a cute place and had excellent food. 

Tomorrow, we take off early and head to the train station, which will take us directly to Frankfurt airport. It's a ICE train, and will only take an hour. 

This week went so fast, yet it feels like we have been here for weeks. That always seems to happen. 

Thank for reading.
Gute Nacht!