Pretty Poznan

Sunday, March 18, 2018
Poznań, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Poland
On Sunday, we took the train, en route to Poznan, Poland. Hommage a Magritte was a great place to stay in Berlin, and I can only hope that our other hotels will be just as nice. 
The train ride was just under 3 hours and we all dozed off. It’s easy to do it on the train. It moves smoothly. We took an Uber once we arrived in Poznan because we didn’t have cash to pay a taxi driver. Bernie was amazed at how that worked. And it saved our butts and some money. 
We walked to the town square and then to Cathedral Island, where were saw St. Peter and Paul Basilica. There was a protest happening, which we discovered later was a pro choice rally. We went inside the church, and one we left, the protesters were gone. 
We had a late lunch and were tired in the afternoon, so dinner didn't happen. I was started to feel feverish and had the chills, so we laid low. Poznan, especially, the Old Town, is very pretty. I can see why people visit.
Tomorrow, off to Warsaw!