Popular Prague

Wednesday, March 21, 2018
Prague, Prague, Czech Republic
Six million people visit Prague a year, and over 5 million were here yesterday. Ok, maybe not. But it felt like it. Still, it’s worth it to come here. Set against the Vltava River with the castle and historic Charles Bridge lined with religious saints and then the Old Town...there is a lot to like. 
Prague was spared during the war, so this pretty stuff is real. Of course, when the country was under the Iron Curtain as ‘Czechoslovakia’ it wasn’t as pretty. The buildings were brown and gray and dirty, our beer guide told us. Now, things are beautiful. Also, Slovakia is its own nation, separate from the Czech Republic. 
We walked around a lot, after taking our short flight from Warsaw at 9 am. Prague is compact, which is nice. We bought tram tickets to get close to the bridge and took a nice river tour. After lunch, Peter, a local, gave us a beer tour that we had arranged. He was great, and he and Jeff became big buddies. Prague is known for its Pilsner and its residents drink more beer per capita than anyplace in the world. Even Wisconsin. 
Hope you enjoy the photos!



So much fun to travel with you Jamie. Joan R