Sunday, April 08, 2018
Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States
On March 23, our flights from Prague to Brussels and then from Brussels to O'Hare went smoothly. We had a decent amount to walk in Brussels, had to go through customs, then had to stand in another line to get boarding passes for our United flight, then wait in line to board. Somehow I was selected to undergo further screening, so an agent had to go through my carry-on bag, wipe my hands and shoes and make sure I wasn't carrying any detonating device on the plane. Yup, we're good. I'm glad we had a good two-hour connection in Brussels to get through all of that.  
We arrived at O'Hare at 1:30 p.m. Customs is so much easier at O'Hare by doing it electronically. You don't have to fill out those blue cards anymore. Instead, you go up to a kiosk, scan your passport, get a terrible picture of yourself taken, check the boxes that you didn't touch any livestock overseas and that you aren't bringing in anything illegal, the machine prints you something, and you're good to go. Our bags arrived pretty quickly off the belt, and we exited baggage claim. At that point, Jeff took the shuttle back to Terminal 2 (international flights arrived at Terminal 5), to catch his flight back to Omaha, and Dad and I found a seat to wait for our shuttle back to Milwaukee. We only had a 15-minute wait, which was nice.  
We arrived back to our car in Milwaukee and loaded our bags. I drove to Sheboygan to pick up Bailey, who was happy to see me. We made our way up to Green Bay, and then Dad drove the extra 30 minutes home. I arrived home just before 7 pm, which wasn't bad. eff had a bit of a delay in Chicago, but still made it home Friday night. I rested throughout the weekend and did laundry. Was still nursing my cold, so I slept a lot and took it easy, so that I would be ready for work on Monday.  
Now, we have been home for two weeks. The dust has settled. I had some photos printed at Walgreens (they have a nice mobile app) and made an album for Dad. I looked at my credit cards and assessed the damage. Ha! It actually wasn't too bad. I'm glad that the trip went smoothly and that more memories were made. Feeling grateful about all of it.
Thanks for reading and following along.