The Best of Herzegovina

Monday, November 26, 2018
Mostar, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
I named my entry this title because that is why I saw today - the best of Herzegovina. Well, that is what all the tour companies say. I decided to book a tour with iHouse Travel, a local company. My guide, Miran, was fantastic. He is from Mostar, but lived in Italy for a few years during the war. 
Here is what the tour description is on the website:
In a country so rich in historical and natural heritage, it is next to impossible to decide which places deserve your full attention. So let us do it for you. Herzegovina Classics offers you the best of the region. Walking under the cliffs of Blagaj towards the 16th century Islamic monastery by the cool Buna river will show you some of the world’s most spectacular sceneries. Same goes for the tranquility of Orthodox monastery in Zitomislici. There, one can learn on religion as much as on sacred art. Narrow and winding streets of Pocitelj lead its visitors to the medieval castle dominating the Neretva valley. But one should also stop and take a rest in the shade of fig trees enjoying freshly squeezed fruit juices Pocitelj is known for. The pearl of Herzegovina, Kravice cascades, are as much visual as hedonistic experience. Spectacular vista of the cascades surely invites you to take a leap in the cool waters of Trebizat river during a hot summer’s day.
Because of the weather and it being low season, we didn't swim in Kravice. I was able to walk and explore a bit in Pocitelj, and that was super cool. I love towns and villages that have stood still in time. I also enjoyed the monasteries. Overall, it was a great day. 
Back in Mostar, I decided to have dinner at Irma Tima.  I ordered the ‘’mijesano meso.’ Tradional mix meat, mixed salad, cheese, red sauce, (Ajvar), cream cheese and traditional bread.’ It was terrific. For some reason, I left my Bosnian marks in my hotel room, and when I discovered they only take cash, I told Irma (her family's restaurant) I would run to the ATM, as I need to anyway. She said, ‘no problem. Eat dinner first, and then go to the ATM. No problem.’ After I ate, I went to the ATM. Took the money back to pay. I spoke to Irma and she told me that she thinks Americans are ‘so kind.’ She will visit Key West in January. She packed up my food and gave me a bottle of red wine to take. ‘This is from my heart,’ she said. I hugged her and said good bye.
I really loved Mostar. It's a shame more people don't visit or stay here longer. Tomorrow, I head to Sarajevo, and will take the early train. A cab arrives at 6 a.m. Wish me luck!

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Jadranka Šuster

Good description and nice photos!