Belgian Beach

Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Ostend, Flanders, Belgium
I arrived in Ostend, Belgium around 2 p.m., and one reason I wanted to see it is that it has a long beach and promenade. I wanted to experience a place that the French and Belgians visit "on holiday." After checking into my room and walking on the promenade, I quickly realized that because the weather is nice, that holiday season is in full swing. High schools in Belgium just got done, so the beach was full of young kids. The population of Ostend is around 70,000. 
I visited the Royal Galleries, which was finished in 1905 that basically served as a walkway for King Leopold II to get from one area of the beach to another without getting rained on or his hair ruined by the wind. Now, it's a hotel. I also visited the peaceful Shin-Kai-Tei, a Japanese botanical garden, which had statues and fountains in the center of the city. The harbor had fun art and was stunning. 
After a short rest due to some jet-lag, I had some pizza off the tourist beat, because for some reason, I was craving it. Mussels and seafood didn't seem like it would cut it this evening. 
I can see why people like it here. The beach and promenade are beautiful, and it's a place to really relax and be near water. The more I walked around, the more I started liking it.  
Off to bed soon. I am beat and likely will feel more tired tomorrow. Jet lag does that. 
Thanks for reading!