Fun Day in Lisbon

Thursday, July 04, 2019
Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal
Happy 4th of July to everyone back home! 
I didn't have anything planned today. Nothing. No walking tours, no entry tickets to anything, nothing. It's weird. I like these days, and I often think I need more of them when I travel. But sometimes when I do have them, I go a little stir crazy and think, why didn't I plan anything today?!  The plans that I make keep things structured for me, and I do like having a schedule. But no schedule today was also nice. The "ideas" in my itinerary were to ride an old tram, visit Pasteis de Belem, maybe get a massage and maybe get to Ramiro's for a meal (supposedly the best seafood in Lisbon).
My breakfast at Eletrico Guesthouse was delivered outside my room door, which was nice. I could get ready and kind of sip my coffee. The woman at the front desk said at Rossio Square, I could take tram #15 to Belem Tower, which is also near the Monastery and Pasteis de Belem, the founders of the pastel de nata. I didn't want to walk a lot today because my feet were hurting (I still clocked in almost 12,000 steps anyway), so I took the metro to the Square and found the tram stop. I thought it would be an old tram, like the cable cars you see in San Fran, but it was modern. Oh well, I got on and it dropped us off close to PDB. It's cool on the inside, and I got a table right away. I tried the tart, the secret recipe, apparently that the monks used to make at the monastery nearby, and while it was good, I thought the ones in Porto were just as good.
I hopped on the #18 old tram that took me close to the city center (very fun!) and walked to Rossio Square where I discovered a massage place called Terra Heal. They had many openings, and it was reasonable to book one, so I did. Melissa, the therapist from Australia, was fantastic. I was so relaxed! After that, it was around 2 pm, and I was hungry. I walked back to my area and went to check out Ramiro's. No wait!
That was the perfect time to go. I can see why people rave and typically wait in line 1-2 hours for dinner. The seafood was so fresh, probably the best I have ever had. It was loud and noisy and fun in there, and a great way to end my day. 
I really liked Lisbon, much more than I thought. I thought it would be another "big city," and it's not as pretty as Porto, but it has a quirkiness and charm to it that grows on you.  I have to be up early tomorrow to catch my 7:30 flight to Frankfurt, then the flight to Chicago. If all goes well, I should be home by 8-9 pm Friday night. 
Thanks, as always, for reading and coming along with me!