Church, walk and siesta

Sunday, February 28, 2010
San Pedro, Costa Rica
I woke up to birds and other strange animals chirping. The sun was starting to peak through the curtain, so it looked like it would be a decent day.

I slept pretty well - woke up a few times, but I’m sure that was due to being in a strange environment and getting used to my surroundings .

I took some photos of my room. It's plenty big and my own space, so it works fine for me.
Also took some pics of our bathroom.

This morning I met Laura, who is 15. I also realized there is wi-fi in the house. Sweet! After calling my mom via Skype and uploading my last blog, Giovanni and I had breakfast of toast, eggs, coffee and fresh pineapple. Then, I went to church with Marita and her two neighbors. I was really excited to get to do this. No....seriously!! It was fascinating going to a Catholic mass in a foreign country. Everything was pretty much the same....opening prayers, readings, Gospel, sermon, offertory, blessing of the bread and wine, sign of peace, communion and closing prayers. The music was very good, but I definitely noticed it was more laid back. Communion, especially, was kind of a free-for-all. The church was more modern, but still beautiful.

After church, Giovanni and I walked to Maximo Nivel (closed!) and to the market to get bottled water . We met a young couple from Poland who have been here two weeks. The gal's name was Zuzia. Very nice!

Although it was cloudy this afternoon, it was still humid. Now, it's almost chilly. I only brought one sweater and one long-sleeve shirt. Still, I can't sure beats wind and snow!

After the walk, I took a short and much-needed siesta. I awoke to find more volunteers here: James from Connecticut, Jordon from Connecticut, Nick from London and Ananth from Toronto. It's pretty cool how I'm meeting people from all over the world under this roof!

Tomorrow we have orientation at 8 am at the Maximo Nivel office. I'm excited to get started and see what this adventure brings!

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Good luck Jamie! I'm glad you're safe and warm.


Thanks! I'm definitely "warm." lol


I love the pictures!


Pura vida! Hope all goes well at orientation. I forgot to tell you about the toilet paper!

Michelle, sister

Ananth looks hot, and I don't mean the weather. Any potential there?


Um, he's 21 and lives in Toronto. I would say probably not. :)


ah, yes, "siesta" my favorite word in Spanish! LOL