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Wednesday, March 03, 2010
San Pedro, Costa Rica
These are 5 things I read about consistently before arriving in Costa Rica. And, for the most part, I've found them to be true.

1 . Ticos are friendly and patient.
My Spanish isn't very good, but everyone I have attempted to speak Spanish with has been very patient with me. For the most part, they can understand what I'm trying to say and don't laugh or make fun of me too much.

2. Cars are not friendly.
This is definitely not a pedestrian-friendly place. When I was walking home yesterday, I stuck my left foot onto the street, saw a taxi out of the corner of my eye, and he honked at me like crazy. I think cars will actually hit you rather than wait for you. I haven't seen a lot of bikes, either. I actually would love a bike here. I could get around to and from places more quickly.

3. The sun is hot.
It doesn't take much to get a sunburn. And if I don't cover every surface of my skin exposed to the sun with sunscreen, then it will burn, and fairly quickly.

4. Rice and beans really are the "staple" of Costa Rican meals.
I've had some form of rice and beans with every meal, with the exception of breakfast. I'm actually enjoying it. It's not something I will eat a lot of when I'm home, and it seems relatively healthy. Healthier, at least, than processed food most Americans eat. The fruits, especially the pineapple and watermelon, are awesome. I've also enjoyed the strong coffee served at breakfast.

5. Blonds will stick out.

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