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Thursday, March 04, 2010
San Pedro, San José, Costa Rica
I really enjoyed working with the kids yesterday at the center. I brought them some colored pencils and coloring books, and we used those for awhile. Then, I taught them a song I learned back in Spanish class in high school. It basically is a song about the colors. After that, they didn't want me to stop singing. Itsy-Bitsy Spider, Old MacDonald, Twinkle wonder I have a sore throat (dolor de garganta). Check out the video in this post!

I gave Pedro, the center's organizer, some of the toothbrushes and dental floss that Tera (my sister-in-law) got from the Brodhagen dental office in Green Bay . He was VERY happy to receive them.

I also showed the kids how to say "Wisconsin," which was pretty funny. It's really cool that I'm learning words in Spanish, and that I can teach them words in English. (see video). We also played outside for awhile, and I held Jose's little brother, Roje. He looked really tired, and maybe he needed a little comforting? If that's what I can provide, than I'm happy to do that.

In the morning, I took the bus to the mall with Ananth, Kate and Tommy. Before the mall was open, we stopped at a bakery/cafe called Spoon (thanks, Felice!). I had a cappuccino and a crocante de nuez, which tasted like a scone. I bought a couple things at the mall at a store that reminded me of a TJ Maxx, only it was more organized.

At lunch yesterday, I was the only volunteer at home, so Laura (13) and Marita (mom) sat at the table with me. Usually there isn't enough room for them to sit . I discovered Marita was a teacher for 14 years, before she became a stay-at-home mom. She also has 6 brothers and 6 sisters! She is the same age (46) as my sister Michelle. Laura said kids at school can come home between 11 and 1:30 for lunch. Then, they start school again until 2 - 3:30. I believe they begin school at 7 am.

I really like speaking with her, and all of them. I'm grateful I know even a little Spanish so I can do that.

At dinner, I cut up the mango and strawberries I brought on the street the other day. The mango was incredible! It tasted NOTHING like the mangoes I've bought at home. Marita and her son, Diego, were laughing at how I was cutting the mango. :)

Yesterday, I must admit, I threw toilet paper in the toilet a few times, on accident of course, instead of throwing it in the trash. That is a difficult habit to break! Ahhhh, the things we take for granted in the U.S. :)
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You are making me homesick! Ask the children to sing to you:
Los pollitos

and to do the hand game Tortillitas.

Take lot's of pictures, have fun tomorrow night and give Ale and Walter a big hug from me!

Mark M.

Very cool videos. Can imagine that the attempts at saying 'Wisconsin' must have been very funny! Sounds like your host family is very nice. Your comments about mangoes mirrors what my wife Patty says, as she grew up in Brazil, and can still remember how incredible they were, nothing like we get in the stores. Glad you're having such a great experience!


Hi Mark! Yes, the family is very nice. I feel like they are breaking out of their shell a bit. I probably am, too.


Gracias, Felice! I will ask the kids about that.

Mary Matuella

Is Roje feeling sad for his mommy and daddy?
Does he miss his mom and dad?


Hi Mary,
Roje was just a little tired and missed his mommy and daddy while they were at work. But Roje's older brother, Jose, loves him very much and takes great care of him. Roje is a cute little boy and gets lots of attention at the center.
Auntie Jamie