Que pasa con este el tiempo?

Friday, March 05, 2010
San Pedro, San José, Costa Rica
Seriously, what is up with this weather?!

It has been cloudy and cool the past few days . I'm guessing this has not helped with my cold. Marita said the weather changes all the time here in San Jose. The weather is hot and sunny one day, cool and cloudy the next, hot and sunny the next. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I can wear sandals and don't need a jacket. But when I come back from Costa Rica I want to look somewhat like I was in Costa Rica, but this weather isn't cooperating.

Yesterday I meant to take it easy, but I still ventured out in the morning. I stopped at a bakery and had a cafe con leche (coffee with milk) at the counter. I knew this place was probably pretty authentic and where the "locals" hang, as the menu was only in Spanish. I decided to try the "tres leches" (three milk) cake, that is very common in Costa Rica. Holy cow! I knew this would be sweet, but the cake was literally sitting in a lake of the milk!   Then I went to Max Y Menos (grocery store) and bought some Costa Rican wine, around $4 a bottle. We'll see what it tastes like, but for $4, how can you go wrong?!?

Last night, another houseguest (Sjanne) and I went out with some other volunteers. Sjanne is from Amsterdam. She is here with a different program, studying Spanish for four weeks, then will be teaching for four weeks. We didn't stay out too late and still had a good time. I just kind of felt like getting out for a bit.

As far as the cost of mangoes....I stopped at a fruit stand yesterday, and five mangoes were for 700 colones. That's like, $1.26 for 5 mangoes! Seriously, the cheapest I've seen one mango at home (and this is at Super Wal-Mart) is for $.69. Loco!

Toilet paper accidents: 2 for yesterday. Oye vey!
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Hi Jamie - the group in ILL is enjoying your blogs - we feel like we're traveling right along with you! Glad to know you are enjoying your stay and having a great time - every day we look forward to hearing the latest news and seeing some more photos.
Mary (and the rest of the gang)


Hey Mary! Thanks for the note, and I'm glad you're all enjoying the posts! They are fun to write and will provide great memories! Today is my last day of volunteering. Tomorrow, I'm off to Manuel Antonio. Those pictures should be even more amazing! Hope things are well back home! :)

Mark M

The cake looks decadent! You had a fun night out with your new friends. As for the Costa Rican wine, you might be surprised. One doesn't think of Costa Rica for wine, but at four bucks a bottle, what the heck!