At the Beach

Saturday, March 06, 2010
Manuel Antonio National Park, Province of Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Lissy and I made it safely to Manuel Antonio!

Our driver, Mr . Freddy, was super nice. He picked me up at the Cubillo house around 11:45 am. I said good-bye to Marita, Ronald and James (another volunteer). I will really miss that family! They were all so nice and Marita felt like a "mom" when I was there.

Mr. Freddy and I waited for Lissy about 45 minutes. It was totally crazy at the airport, much like I experienced a week ago. But then we found her and we set off for Manuel Antonio.

We stopped and took a few photos on the Jaco Hermosa Beach. The weather was sunny and warm the whole way here. I can definitely tell it is more humid here. We got to our hotel, Hotel Mimos, around 4 pm. It's a cute, little boutique hotel. We have a kitchen and a balcony and two beds!

We settled in and decided to go have dinner at La Hacienda. WOW, delicious! We shared a salad, a seafood platter and chocolate fondue with fresh fruit. I also had a watermelon fresca. Everything was super fresh and delicious, especially the seafood. The restaurant is a jungle vista and all open. There was live music, and it was really relaxing to sit and enjoy a nice meal.

MA definitely has a tourist feel to it. For example, at the restaurant we were among several tourists. It's a different feeling than being in San Jose, but I like it. Unfortunately, my cold is not improving. I almost feel like it has moved into my chest, I figure, I can fight through it the best I can, or complain about it. It's not like I'll get to Costa Rica anytime soon, so I'm trying to make the most of it.

Hasta luego!
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