Fight on the Beach

Tuesday, March 09, 2010
Manuel Antonio National Park, Province of Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Yesterday we did our canopy zipline tour in the morning with Dream Canopy Tours. What a blast! We had 7 ziplines. It was so cool to go zipping through the rainforest on a cable. It was totally fun and we had a great time doing it! We had two guides and a photographer, so we didn't have to worry about bringing our cameras. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

After that, we headed back down to the public beach and rented a canopy for a few hours . I loved being in the water. It was so warm and crystal clear. Some people thought it was too warm, but coming from Wisconsin, it felt pretty darn nice.

While we were on the beach, we witnessed a fight between some Ticos. It was the weirdest thing. All of a sudden, this dude started bashing another dude. The one who was being bashed had blood on his back. Then at one point, Lissy was like, "and now he has a shovel."  It was wild, and honestly a little freaky. Our cabana waiter walked by after that and said, "not nice." I said, "Si, and not good for tourism."  Seriously!

I ended up taking a little power nap in the room, which I think I needed. The Zithromax is helping, but I'm still coughing up gunk. My voice definitely sounds better. I can tell when walking up hills that I still sound winded.

We ended up going to Villas Nicholas for dinner, a quaint little place off the beaten track. I ate mahi mahi and it was AMAZING! So big, so fresh and so good. It was served with a side of rice pilaf, veggies and yucca root, which look liked french fries. It was a great last meal in Manuel Antonio.

Today we travel to San Jose and will be staying in a hotel for two nights. On Thursday morning, we come back home. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I love being here, but I wished I felt better. I miss home a bit and Kelly-dog, too. And the "living out of a suitcase" thing is starting to get old. We shall see......
Hasta luego!
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Looks like you two are having a great time. I wish I was there.


Awesome zipline pics!! Looks like fun!


beautiful pics...these should cover your walls very nicely


How fun! We had a zip line in our back yard growing up, but it was only about 15 feet long. I think you had a much better experience! LOL Enjoy your last days there - soak up as much sun as you can!