Adios Costa Rica!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010
San Jose, Province of San Jose, Costa Rica
Today was not surprisingly, another great day. We took a tour of the Poas Volcano and the Doka Coffee Estate. After hanging out in the jacuzzi, we had an amazing dinner at the hotel restaurant. Wow, wow, wow!

The Poas Volcano was stunning, and we couldn't have visited on a more clear day . We really lucked out, as on cloudy days there isn't a great view. One of the craters measures 1.5 kilometers in diameter (0.9 miles) and is 300 meters deep (900 feet). It is one of the world's most visited volcanoes.

Doka Coffee is a three-generation coffee estate. Sixty percent of the coffee they produce goes to Starbucks in the US. It was so interesting to see how the coffee beans are planted and harvested. Coffee beans have to grow FOUR years before they can be harvested. Between the coffee plants, banana plants are grown to prevent wind damage to the beans, as well as attract bugs. Bugs are more attracted to the sweetness of bananas instead of the coffee beans. It was such an interesting tour, and of course, we got to taste and purchase some coffee. I'm excited to try and share it once I get home.

Our guide today was named Gustan. He was an older gentleman with a wealth of knowledge . He knew EVERYTHING about Costa Rica. He even stopped at Max Y Menos (Costa Rican version of Wal-Mart) for us on the way back for some last-minute souvenirs.

We had a fantastic last dinner at the Grano de Oro Restaurant. It did not disappoint. Everything was presented so well and tasted fresh and fabulous. I seriously have no complaints about any of the meals here. Everything has been terrific.

Tomorrow, we have a cab picking us up at 5 am. Our flights leave at 8:15 am. This morning, "Tortuguisimo" took place. This is when private taxi
drivers go on strike in the city and drive very slow (like tortoises)
and basically make everyone mad. The police and city officials can't
really do anything, but it sure ticks off a lot of people. We will not be happy if "Tortuguisimo" happens tomorrow!

Time to get some sleep, as we'll be up early tomorrow. I can't believe we leave tomorrow. I'm looking forward to being home (as well as seeing my dr. about this craptastic cough), but I'll miss Costa Rica. It truly is "Pura Vida."  :)

Hasta Luego,
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