Friday, March 12, 2010
Burlington, Wisconsin, United States
In Burlington, at Miss Rhonda's. Delays, delays and more delays today. But, I'm in Wisconsin, and tomorrow morning I will be in Green Bay. I slept in the car the whole way from O'Hare. I asked Rhonda if I looked like I had gotten some sun. She said I did, and "look exhausted."  That could also be from my lack of make-up not covering up my under-eye circles.

The immigration dude in Miami looked at my card and said, "Go Packers."  I said, "si!"  He said, "Did you bring back any cheese?"  I said, "no."  He laughed. Spanish at its greatest......

Things I learned today:
- avoid MIA airport if possible
- avoid flying into O'Hare if possible
- when your Fodor's guidebook tells you to be at an airport at least 3 hours prior to your departing flight, believe it.

Hasta manana!
- Jamie
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Yup - Yup - and, debatable - with what you learned. Miami is notoriously delay ridden and the size of the airport is not conducive to tight connections. With the new TSA regulations, the 3 hours is the latest! I would arrive for a flight. Wish everyone that I advised of that believed me.


I'm glad we arrived at SJO three hours prior. It was very busy!