45 Days

Tuesday, November 09, 2010
Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States
According to my countdown widget, I am 45 days away from heading to the land "Down Under."  I haven't updated my blog in awhile, due to life being crazy.

I had an interesting experience in discovering whether I would need a new passport. My old passport expired at the end May 2011, which is six months within my trip. In some countries, this is not allowed. I called the Australian Embassy via Skype. The woman I spoke with said this was ok as far as "Australian" rules, but some airlines might not allow it. I found this intriguing, and remember reading something about this when I booked my airline ticket with V Australia. I decided to apply for a new passport and have it expedited. I was quite impressed that it took exactly one week for me to receive it! Of course, I paid a fee for the quick delivery, but I felt it was worth it.

Once I had my new passport, I could apply for my ETA (electronic travel authority) Visa. This was done online and the process was easy. The nice thing about this document is that it is electronic, so I don't have to carry paperwork around. The electronic version is linked to my passport number, and hopefully the two will connect when I go through Customs.  

The next step is to figure out some activities I'd like to participate in. Surfing seemed like a fun idea at first, but the idea of trying to balance on a surfboard while wearing a wetsuit just doesn't seem very appealing. I did purchase Speedo water shoes and a waterproof neck pouch from Amazon. Sydney has a ton of outdoor pools and beaches.

People seem surprised I am going by myself. I don't know....I don't think it's THAT crazy of an idea. Then again, it takes a lot for me to think of something as crazy. :)

That is all for now!
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