On My Way!

Friday, December 24, 2010
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
I'm off! In the air, on the way to LAX, where my Aunt Sandy is picking me up. I will spend the day/night with her and my cousin Lissy. Should be fun!!

I have free wi-fi on this flight to LAX, which is way cool !! My bag weighed about 37 pounds, which is good . It needs to be under 44 for when I fly from Sydney to Auckland.

The drive down to Milwaukee was great! Barely any traffic, and clear roads. Mom cried a little bit when hugging me good bye. Dad's like, "just let her cry."  Haha. She'll worry no matter what. I think they were surprised that I only had a medium-sized bag and a backpack.

Last night, I got to see most of my family, as my sister hosted a "Jamie Christmas."  It was really nice, and I even got to see my sister's family from Omaha.

That's about all for now. Merry Christmas Eve!

- Jamie
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