Made It !

Monday, December 27, 2010
Randwick, New South Wales, Australia
Well, after 14 hours and 5 minutes and 7500 miles in the air....I made it!!!

The flight went very well, and I believe I was able to sleep for awhile . Going through customs and immigration was relatively painless, although my almonds were confiscated because they were not "roasted."  Personally, I think the declarations dude thought they looked good and wanted them for himself. Hmmmph!

I arrived on Monday morning, even though it was Sunday afternoon in Green Bay. I'm 15 hours ahead of Central time in WI. With the time change and length of the flight, I literally "lost" Sunday. But I will gain time back when I fly home.

I took the public bus from the airport to my hotel, which, was also relatively painless. I'm finding that Aussies are as friendly as everyone says. People are very helpful and willing to answer questions.

When I got to my hotel, I discovered my room wouldn't be ready for a few more hours, so I Skyped home and talked to my mom and dad. They were happy that I made it here safely. The guy at the hotel front desk is actually from Seattle and is here studying, so he was also very helpful with questions I had . He said he could tell I was from Wisconsin from my "accent."  haha

I bought some bus passes, stopped at the grocery store and did some Facebooking while waiting for my room to get ready. I was given a HUGE room that sleeps 5. Not sure how and why I did, but I'm not complaining - I like the extra space! The room is fine - could use a paint job, but it's charming, clean, has hot water in the shower, wi-fi and a toilet that flushes - hey, works for me!

It was overcast and a little rainy today, but after I took a shower I decided to head to Coogee Beach and do the cliff walk from here to Bondi Beach. By the way, it's Coo-jee, not Coo-gee, I learned that from front-desk dude. And Circular Quay is pronounced kee (not quay). After stopping at a sushi train place near the beach, I started my walk.

Even though it was windy, cloudy and sometimes misting, the views were spectacular . At some points I was literally walking on cliff-like rock, but for the most part there's a nice path where I saw tourists and locals getting in a daily walk/run. I love water and beaches, and even though the weather wasn't perfect, it didn't dampen my spirits. At Bronte Beach,people were surfing, so I walked through the sand and decided to dip my toes in the water - holy cold!

I needed a quick nap after my walk, as I was pretty spent. My plan was to go out for a decent/nice dinner here in Randwick, but I opted to grab some fruit at the store and a slice of pizza from a Lebanese joint on the street. Oh, and you know how they say the sun is very strong in Sydney, as in, even through the clouds? Well, that's true. I woke from my nap with a lovely sunburned arms, shoulders and neck. It doesn't hurt, thank goodness, and the aloe I brought should help. But, I guess I learned my lesson on this one.

Tomorrow I will most likely head to the harbor/Circular Quay and buy some overpriced touristy crap that I don't need. :) Stuff here is not cheap - kiwis are about $.50 a piece, and bottled water is close to $2 for a small bottle. But, I feel so lucky to be here, that it's not bugging me. And honestly, it's not like I will get back here anytime soon.

Good night!

PS. GO PACK GO!!!! :)
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Mark Merrifield

You've probably heard that the Packers trounced the Giants 45-17. Anyway, though your first day was a bit damp looking, the beaches and the ocean still looked great. So did that sushi BTW! Watch that sun, even if it is behind the clouds. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!


Yes, I looked up the score online! I was not very bright in my sunscreen usage yesterday, so today it will be long sleeves. Still looks a bit cloudy, but at least it's warm. I'll take this over snow and freezing temps any day! Today I'm going to head toward the harbor/Circular Quay/Opera House!

Scott Bader

Glad to hear you made it safe!! That sushi looks terrible, but as long as you like it that's all that matters!! Ha, ha. I never developed a taste for the stuff....perhaps I need more practice. The pictures were great....lots of rock in Australia and rock is cool. Hopefully, you get a chance to play some beach volleyball on one of the many beaches, although I didn't recall seeing any nets. You'll have to pick one up at the local Denis Sport Shop and set it up yourself I guess. :)


dear jamie,
how have you been? I have been good. I miss you. and hope you're doing good in australia. I am going by my friend lauren's house tomorrow to play american gil dolls. I got Elizabeth for Christmas. at the farm Elle, Mary, Lily, Belle and I were playing a game call roll the egg. WE had fun and it was noisy as usual! From grandma and grandpa I got a warm-up suit and from auntie shell and katie I got a barbie car and from Belle I got Build-a Bear clothes. From Santa I got a pair of boots, a sled, loving family doll furniture and people, and a cupcake decorating set. I used Christmas money to buy a new dollhouse for the new family (it's the brown family) I got from Santa. Logan and Bill just got back from skiing White Cap. I got to get ready for bed and will write again.
Love, McKenzie


Hi, Kenzie! It sounds like you all had a nice Christmas! I miss all of you, too. I'm having a great time and Australia is very nice! They drive on the other side of the road, which is opposite of what we do in the U.S. Sometimes I get confused when crossing the street and am not sure where to look for cars! People here (called Aussies) are very nice and helpful. Did you know that I'm 15 hours ahead of you all? That's almost a full day! Talk to you soon! Love, Auntie Jamie


I so enjoy following your travel blog. You take the same types of pictures I would, documenting the differences, the foods, the interesting. I love your eye for travel photos. Thanks for taking us along with you!


Thanks, Terra! I enjoy sharing my experiences with everyone! :)


Hi Jamie!

I'm loving the updates and the photos. I particularly enjoy the danger sign and your comment about doing a cartwheel instead. Very accurate description of what the sign seems to be saying! Keep having fun and posting all of your adventures!


I'm glad you are enjoying it, Mary! I'm loving it! :)