The Place of Running Water

Thursday, December 30, 2010
Wattamolla, AU, New South Wales, Australia
I'm now in Wattamolla! It means the "place of running water."  It's
near Kangaroo Valley, one of the 7 true valleys in the world .

Yesterday I took the train from central station in Sydney to the station in Berry
for my help exchange. I had to make one change in Kamia, so the trek
was relatively easy. I also love train stations. I love the hustle, the
bustle, watching people come and go. My ticket to Berry cost $8 - so
reasonable and a great way to travel!

Jeff and Vicky were in Berry to pick me up, and then they took me to
their gorgeous home. They are very nice, well-spoken, kind people. The
scenery during the ride was stunning. Green valleys, cliffs, ocean
views, etc. The town of Berry itself is adorable. It has about 1,000
people and reminds me a bit of Door County.

Jeff and Vicky live in Wattamolla. As you can see by the pictures,
it's a beautiful place! I'm still just in awe . They have lived here
for two years, and they have two grown children. I will be staying in
my own room in their house. Wow....very nice! The shower stall itself
is as large as my bathroom!

 Once I got settled in and called home, Vicky showed me around and
talked to me about what I'll be doing today. They are having people
over for NYE, so she wants me to do some cleaning in the house. It's
also supposed to HOT!

I'm actually the first American helper for them! So, I'm kind of
feeling the pressure! :) I don't want them to think Americans are lazy
or bad workers. Good thing Patsy showed me how to be a good helper all
these years!

They grow and eat all of their veggies from their garden, and also
have a few chickens and horses . Winnie, their dog, is also very sweet.
We sat down for dinner around 8:30 and had salad, steak from the grill,
baked potatoes and red wine.

Vicky also wants me to bake some cookies, so she is going to pick up
the ingredients I need. She asked if they were like "biscuits." I'm
like, oh, they are better than biscuits! She wants to store them in her

So...for the next six days, I will be here. The next part of the adventure begins!!!

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Pat Budz

jAMIE, Your place looks amazing and the scenery just incredible. I'm sure you're going to have a wonderful experience. Played cards at your mom and dad's this eve. w/ the Kinds. Had a fun time; 40 degrees and very foggy driving home. Happy New Year Greetings to you and your Australian family.
Love & Hugs, P.


Thanks Pat! Happy New Year to you all as well !!