Happy New Year!

Friday, December 31, 2010
Wattamolla, AU, New South Wales, Australia
It's already 2011 for me! I wonder what the new year will bring??

Yesterday was my first full day at the Levey home . They had a few couples over for dinner last night, so Vicky wanted the house cleaned a little bit. While they went to pick up their grand-daughter, I vacuumed, mopped the floors, dusted, wiped fingerprints off the cupboards and did some ironing. It was not hard, and I listened to my headphones the whole time.

After lunch, I took a walk down to the river behind their home. It was so hot yesterday - about 100! On my walk, I wore long sleeves and my floppy hat. There were cows in the pasture, but they didn't scare me too much, as really, they shouldn't. The river water was cold, but felt awesome. I had to climb over some rocks to get to the wading pool, so I was glad I had my Speedo water shoes on.

I helped Vicky cut and fry some veggies for dinner. She made a poached salmon and some appetizers and all her guests brought food as well. After that, I took a little nap, and helped Jeff set up the dinner table and chairs outside .

Guests started to arrive shortly after I took my shower and was dressed. We had champagne and wine outside and then sat down to dinner. The evening was crisp and cool, and the stars were bright. Dinner was absolutely fabulous! All of their friends were so nice and wanted to know about the weather in Wisconsin. One of their friends, David, wanted me to explain the game of "gridiron," (football) after he tried to explain cricket to me. I told them about "tailgating" and they thought it was pretty funny how we drink beer and bloody mary's at 8 am. hahaha

Today (Saturday) it's even more hot - about 110! I'm drinking my coffee and am going to bake some cookies! Vicky found out I like to bake, so she asked if I would make some that they can freeze.

Happy New Year to everyone back home!!! I hope we all have a wonderful 2011 !!

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Jamie -
We are enjoying your updates. Sounds like a great trip so far.
Happy new year.


Hope all is well back home! I'm enjoying writing about everything!

Scott Bader

110 degrees?? Can we get some of that?? It's been super cold here in GB the last couple of days. In fact, the discharge pipe from my backup sump pump froze recently so the sump pump can't remove any water. I've been emptying it manually using a small pail. Yeah, real nice. The food looks great!! Thanks for the updates.


I'm sure my sump pump is doing the same. I'll probably come home to a basement full of water.