Three Weeks - Too Much or Not Enough?

Saturday, January 01, 2011
Wattamolla, AU, New South Wales, Australia
When I would tell people at home that I would be gone for three weeks, the reaction was,
"wow! How do you get that much time off?"  "That's so great!"  Wow, such a long time!"  I thought it was a long time as well, or at least a decent amount of time .

The reaction in Australia is, "That's it?" 

It could be that I traveled a long way and staying three weeks is not enough to see everything. Yes, part of that is true, But, Australians also get about 4 weeks of vacation per year, as well as all the major holidays.

Why is that we value work over vacation? I read somewhere that if the US operated more like European countries in terms of vacation, we would have the last two months of the year off, every year. Can you imagine? Having November and December completely off? What would we do with this time??

I'm not knocking the US or saying that working hard isn't good, but I wish we didn't have this mentality that we "live to work."  Aussies and others "work to live."  Does working this much make us stronger? Better people? Is our society/economy better for it? I'm not sure.

Anyway....yesterday it was about 110 degrees outside! So, I baked lemon and monster cookies that Vicky can store in her freezer. They rent out their cottage to guests throughout the year, and she wants to put out cookies when they arrive. :) We also went for a swim at the neighbor's pool to combat the heat. It has cooled off a bit this morning (Sunday), about 10 degrees. Haha.

Until next time....

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Nancy Herfield posted on Facebook that she's in Australia too! It sounds like they're nearing the end of their trip and they've had an amazing time. So glad to hear you are having fun! Safe travels!


Cool! I didn't know she was here!

Scott Bader

Cookies look really good. Perhaps I'll let you bake some for me when you get back (ha, ha....just kidding). The pictures of the countryside look really great. I've never really been much of a traveling person, but I'll have to reconsider given some of the pictures you've been posting.


You should travel more!!


So you weren't hit by any of the rain/flooding?


No, that is up in Queensland.,