Adios Sydney, Hola Auckland!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011
Randwick, New South Wales, Australia
I took the train from Berry this morning back to Sydney. Part of the reason is that I didn't want to be running around tomorrow trying to get the train back here, then to the airport, etc. It also allowed me to see a few extra things in Sydney! Plus, I was having some major Starbucks withdrawals.

I did get to visit the Surry Hills Library . I started to take some pics, and then some gentleman chased me down an aisle and said, "madame (since when have I become a madame??), you can't take pictures in the library."  I wanted to ask if this is really a rule and aren't libraries supposed to be the ONE place you can take pics, but I really didn't want to get thrown in the Aussie slammer for taking pics in the library. So, I profusely apologized and went along on my merry way. I should've said, "you should've told me this about 10 pics ago, mate!"   hahaha.

I also went to the Sydney Fish Market. Did not buy any fish, but did purchase some fresh pineapple juice and a gignormous chocolate-covered strawberry that cost a trillion dollars. Yeah, these Aussie prices are really starting to get to me. Apparently it wasn't "always this way," and it isn't going to stop me from buying stuff, but $2.50 for a pound of apples? Really?!?

I saw a homeless women on Market Street as I was heading back to the hotel, (which is rare, as Australia has an amazing welfare system) who didn't really look homeless . And, the sign said she would be really "great-ful for any assistance."  The writing instructor in me wanted to offer to proofread her signage for her, but I didn't think she would appreciate my assistance.

My feet were majorly hurting after this, so I did the only sensible thing which was to get a pedicure/manicure at some hole-in-the-wall near my hotel (back at the Randwick Lodge). Actually, it was $30 for a mani/pedi, which is a good deal, even for here! I pay at least $38 USD at the dive I go to in Green Bay.

I took the bus down to the harbor/opera house, paid $17 for an average margarita, but did get to see some fantastic views as it got dark. I had a nice convo with two Aussies from Brisbane, Margaret and Robert. And the only reason I remember Margaret's name is that I was drinking my overpriced margarita at the time, so that connection was easy...margarita-Margaret. Margaret-margarita. :)

After chit-chatting with them for a bit, I then spent way too much on some seafood risotto at some tourist trap. I must admit, though, Sydney's harbor (sorry, HARBOUR) is pretty awesome.

Tomorrow I take a one-way flight to Auckland, New Zealand. It's my last night in the land of Oz. I will miss it, but am excited for what is ahead in NZ. The one positive is that the USD is stronger than the New Zealand dollar, so I'm guessing a majorly of my souvenirs will be from there.

Until next time....
- Jamie :)
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John K.

Jamie, your blog has been awesome! I almost feel as though I am there, watching cows and kangaroos while sipping over-priced margaritas with you and Margaret!

The Levey home is beautiful; any chance they would adopt me?


Well, if you want to work 5 hours a day, I'm sure they would. :) Hope all is well back home!

John K.

Hmmm... five hours a day in paradise OR 8 hours a day in the arctic conditions of Green Bay - hmmm...