Exploring and Ice Cream

Monday, January 10, 2011
Waitakere, Auckland, New Zealand
Last night, we had a fantastic dinner of fresh salad from the garden, lamb and kumara. It was totally delicious! Then I taught Ruby and the boys some card tricks. I met Julie and Johnny; he is Cush's cousin.

This morning, Ruby and I washed some windows and then I took a walk up the hill with Oscar to pick ragwart . Ragwart grows in bunches, and needs to be pulled up from the roots, otherwise, it will take over the land. The dogs came with us and swam in the river.

After lunch, I checked online and discovered the Packers won (yay!!!!), and then Cush, Sam, Ruby and I drove to Massey, which has the Westgate mall. Ruby got her ears pierced for the first time, and she wasn't scared at all. Well, maybe a little bit. But I told her that the "pain would be worth it."  hahahaha.

I bought some NZ chocolate and some other souvenirs at a bookstore. We also stopped and bought "hokey pokey" ice cream, which is famous in NZ. I read about it in my guidebook and wanted to try it. I'm sure we will have some after dinner tonight.

The new horse, Blackjack, arrives pretty soon, so they are very excited. I am going to make some lemon cookies. Ruby is serving as my proofreader on this blog and catching all my typos. She is quite witty for a 9-year-old.

Cush told me today that people who live on the west coast are called "westies." Ruby said they are kind of rough around the edges and go with the flow, but are good people. People on the east coast are called "shoregirls," and they are perfect and strict. Personally, I would rather be on the west side than the east. :)

Until next time...
Other Entries


Katie G

Doug the dog is cute!


The landscape is so beautiful!


Doug is cute, and the others are, too! It's very pretty here. It will be a shock when I come home to the cold and snow!!


Can't decide who I'm in love with more Doug or Ruby! Maybe Ruby would be interested in being email pals with Zoe? Zoe is 10 about to turn 11. She doesn't have an email acct. yet, but I'd get her set up.


Ruby says "sure." She would like to be penpals with Zoe. She just set up a new gmail account, so she has her own email ! :) If you get Zoe set up, we can exchange emails, and they can write. My niece, McKenzie, likes reading about the kids and dogs here, too! All the kids are quite adorable..... :)


cool - I'll get Zoe on a gmail account soon!

John K

I love your trip and still I want to move there! What are the "bugs" like? Are there mosquitos or do they have their own kind of pest? What are their winters like - dry or rainy? Do they enter the horses in competitions or do they just like to have horses? Is their English easy to understand? Do the Scotts and most people also speak Maori?


They do have mosquitoes and flies, but I don't think they are as bad. They had some other bugs, but I don't think they bite. Weather can be dry and rainy. They just like to have horses to ride, especially to the beach! They were understandable, but sometimes when they spoke fast, I could not understand. Most people don't speak Maori, unless they are part of a tribe.