Black Sand Everywhere

Tuesday, January 11, 2011
Waitakere, Auckland, New Zealand
This afternoon, I walked with Ruby and Oscar to the "lake."  It is called Lake Wainamu, and it was basically created by the sand dunes and the ocean. It was a lot of uphill walking, but I couldn't let a 13-year-old and 9-year-old whip my butt, so I had to keep trucking along.

The lake was absolutely beautiful . Very hard to describe, as one side had a green hilly pasture of cows/horses, and the other had a huge sand dune. The dunes are over 100 feet high, and all comprised of black sand. Eugene said sometimes people at the beach have to go to the hospital from burning their feet on the black sand. It seriously is that hot!

This morning, Ruby and I baked the lemon cookies. I braided her hair, which she really likes. Then I finished washing windows and clipped some of the wisteria that was growing over the fence by their house. Their home was built in the 1920s and actually was moved here from another location. It's quite fun and fascinating.

The weather has been sun/clouds and breezy. I often wear long sleeves, because it can be brutal, even under the clouds, like it was in Sydney. Tomorrow, we will probably go to a winery! :)

I hope the weather isn't too cold at home! I will be in for a big shock on Saturday.

PS. Ruby is AWESOME! 
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I'm pretty sure the forecast is sunny for your return on Saturday with a heat index of -10, so you should feel right at home!

Cindy T.

I would guess that black sand absorbs more heat and be extra hot. Sure would be neat to see, though. And of course we're all thinking what craft projects we could do with black sand. haha
See if you can get someone to meet you at the airport with a warm jacket. Or just pretend you are doing a polar bear plunge!


Hi Jamie,
Sounds as though you are having a great time. We love reading your posts. New Zealand looks gorgeous. You are lucky-You will NOT enjoy coming back to this weather, slippery roads, scraping ice, etc. You must be winding down. It looks like you'll have a day with Sandy. I hope your flights stay on time and that it is an easy trip back. Talked to mom a couple of days ago and she is all good with your flight back to Wisconsin. You should get back to GB just in time to see the 7pm game. What a game last Sunday...see ya, love ya


Hey, yes, I am starting to wind down. Feels like I have been gone for quite awhile. I'm probably taking this nice weather for granted. Sherri has been following the blog and wants Zoe to become penpals with Ruby. Ruby also likes your name, by the way. "Shell." She sits by me when I write on the blog and acts as my proofreader. New Zealand is gorgeous, and I'd like to come back and explore more, even the south island. I only saw the game scores from updates on I hope everything goes smoothly on the way home. Couldn't have asked for things to go better so far. See you soon! Love you all!